6 Common Mistakes That Happen During Bathroom Renovations

Your bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your house, they are used multiple times every day. As they are the most used and important part of the house they need to be maintained or renovated quite often.

In most houses the bathrooms tend to be very small. Due to the lack of space, bathroom renovation becomes a must every few years.

Renovating a bathroom is not an easy job, so it’s always better to hire a professional bathroom contractor who can help you renovate your bathroom easily. In this blog post, we will outline some of the top 6 most common mistakes that happen during bathroom renovations. Before starting your bathroom renovation this information might come in handy to you.

Errors In Calculation

One of the most common mistakes made during bathroom renovations is errors in calculations. When you start the renovation of your bathroom, while calculating the required number of tiles you will need, always add a couple of more into the required number. You should always purchase your materials with a margin. In renovation projects you never know, sometimes things can be broken, and then if you don’t have the extra material, your project will come to a halt. So it is always better to buy some extra materials, this will help you to complete your renovation on time.

Always Check The Materials

When buying tiles for your bathroom, always make sure to check the size of the tiles. You should not determine the size of the tile based on the packaging, because sometimes the packaging does not coincide with the actual size. So, it is better to not just trust the packaging and check the size of the tiles yourself. Even a slight deviation of 2 mm in a row of 10-15 tiles will cause a huge problem in your bathroom renovation project. So before buying the tiles you should first measure the sample of the selected tiles.

Drywall Ceiling

Using a drywall ceiling in a bathroom with no ventilation is not a good move. You should only use a plasterboard ceiling in a bathroom that has very good ventilation. Bathrooms that don’t have good ventilation should use stretch ceilings since these ceilings are moisture-resistant and there will be no spots on them in case of a leak.

Low Floor

The most common mistake made during a bathroom renovation is mismatched floors. Most people don’t give much attention to the flooring of the bathroom while renovating. But the flooring is the most important part of the bathroom. Always make sure that the floor of your bathroom is lower than the other rooms. This will save your whole apartment from flooding. But if lowering the bathroom floor is not possible then make sure that a threshold with a height of about 8cm is provided.

Plumbing Mistakes

If your bathroom renovation involves the transfer of plumbing then it should be done carefully. Always keep in mind that the angle of inclination of the sewer pipes should be 3 to 5% between the bath and washbasin. Also, remember that when you remove any plumbing fixture from the sewer riser by one meter it should be raised by at least 3-5cm. Plumbing issues are very difficult to resolve so they should be done correctly during the renovation project.

Bathtub Installation

Installing a new bathtub should be done with care during the renovation process. If a technical hatch is not provided for the built-in bath it will become quite difficult to repair if it malfunctions. Also, when installing a bath, make sure that the inclination of its bowl is made towards the drain, for the better outflow of water.

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