Construction Project Management Checklist For Project Owners

Construction projects are not small tasks that you can just assign to any construction contractor. Rather, it requires careful planning, designing, building, and management processes that have to be taken care of by a professional construction company. IMC Construction is proud to serve you in this regard and offer the most reliable and safest project management solutions at the right rates. We have a team of experienced individuals who work day and night to make your construction project a true success.

If you are looking for construction management services, it’s important to know what basic steps the company you hired should be doing to complete the project safely and successfully. This blog post highlights some of the useful points that should be on your checklist.

Checklist For Construction Project Management

There are four basic steps towards completing a construction project, each of these steps has its checklists. These four stages are:

  • Designing Stage
  • Bidding Stage
  • Construction Stage
  • Post-construction Stage

Let’s break down a checklist for each of these stages:

Designing Stage

A design-build services company can help you during this stage and help you with the architectural and construction management (CM) process. It includes the process of architectural design and blueprints, the project’s scope, initial budget, and schedule. You should stay in touch with your design team throughout the process and request any changes you might need in your project’s design.

Furthermore, you should meet your local jurisdictions to solve any issues your project may encounter regarding any legal processes. The purpose of such meetings is to review your project and discover the jurisdictional requirements that need to be incorporated before the beginning of the construction project.

Other requirements in the design process may include:
  • Reviewing the design and budget.
  • Perform a site evaluation.
  • Request formal qualifications
  • Submit final plans to the jurisdiction for permission

Bidding Stage

This stage is used for determining your bid review and scoring process. Your design contractor can carry on with the construction process, and if they don’t offer such services, you can decide what criteria you will use to assess the bids you receive and hire the right contractor.

Things you must look for in a construction contractor include years of experience in a similar kind of business, similar project experience, testimonials, and reviews by previous customers. Price is always important but not necessary when other points are also considered during the process.

All these steps are a part of construction project management. Negotiate your contract terms and sign after you have selected a contractor and then hand them over to your project.

Construction Stage

Most of the construction stage is looked after by your construction firm. You should pay frequent visits to the site to ensure that the work is going well and that all rules are followed. It would be good to visit the site regularly to review the progress and to make sure that the work is meeting your expectations.

Once the project is completed, you must inspect the entire project looking for things that need to be fixed or points that were missed during construction. You can do all of this project management by yourself or hire a company that can guarantee the project’s successful building.

Post-Construction Stage

If you see a problem in the construction of your project, it is best to let your construction manager or general contractor know about it. This would be helpful so they can send the right person to fix the issue.

Final Thoughts

The construction project management process demands a well-experienced company to take care of every construction project step. It should aim to complete the project under your budget and within the deadline. Considering the factors mentioned above is necessary for the successful completion of a project.

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