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IMC will build to your plans but prefer working with clients using the design-build approach to optimize the results. Call to explore how the design-build approach can save you time and money.


New structures

The heart of design-build keeps the client vision in focus while offering flexibility on construction methods and materials––sharing the costs and scheduling for client consideration. Some IMC projects you may recognize include the Red Deer Shooting Centre, Dance Magic Studio, and Calgary Rugby Union Changehouse. 


Multi-story structures

Multi-story buildings offer different construction challenges but can provide multi-family living and accommodation with the economy of repeated floor and system layouts.  Some of our projects you may have seen include the Marriott Hotel in West Kelowna, an 8-plex, and Wally’s Apartments in Red Deer.


Interior Renovations

We prepare feasibility analyses, develop designs, and create working drawings for projects then award contracts with client input, based on the right team and price for the labor, equipment, and materials. Some noteworthy projects in our home city of Red Deer include Sawback Brewery and Hair Salon.


Envelope Repairs

Renovations may include exterior envelope systems, green roofs, and associated landscaping––or only selective removal of existing walls, making structural repairs, installing new exterior cladding, window and door replacements. Recent projects include Venu and Quarry condominiums highlighted in Projects.


Facility Re-purposing

Complete retrofits often entail partition replacement, removal of hazardous materials, installation of new HVAC and electrical systems, renewed finishes, and sometimes envelope repairs to provide economy or to meet new stringent building and energy codes. Some projects include the retro Fire Station 39, the reno Plaza W, and the repurposed Collegiate Physio––highlighted in Projects.



Industrial facilities are specifically designed to contain material handling, processing, or fabrication lines to meet project needs while optimizing the construction to suit the material flow and housing of support facilities.  Two large projects in this category include projects for ECCO Waste and Recycling in Calgary and Battle River Pharmaceuticals.



Like industrial projects, commercial facilities focus on meeting specific needs to cater to the nature of the project concept—offices, sales floors, dance studios, storage & material handling, and the like.  Several IMC projects in this sector include the Red Deer Shooting Centre (RDSC), Sawback Brewery, Station 39, IMC’s Queens HQ, Dance Magic, and Plaza W. 



The IMC design team can work with you or your architect to create architectural renderings and to evolve functional floor plans for your review and then seek approval of local authorities. IMC helps expedite permitting, working through special design criteria such as municipal setbacks or special locations like a lake or a mountain. Some homes and kitchens in this category are pictured in the Projects section.



IMC works with brand owners and private interests to complete the preliminary design and development permitting, preparing construction drawings, and expediting building permit applications, before organizing site development, and coordinating the bidding, construction, and post-construction tasks. Projects of note include Bird Blind in Red Deer, Pogadl Water Park Showers in Sylvan Lake, and Rocky Mountain House Water Park.

New Structures
High Rie & Multi family
Interior Reno
Envelop Repairs
Facility Re-purposing

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We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us. 

Winston Churchill

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