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Battle River Pharmaceuticals (BRP)

Battle River Pharmaceuticals (BRP) is a fully licensed cannabis grower in Ponoka, Alberta. BRP provides strain-specific dried marijuana to companies for medical and recreational purposes.  ​ 



We want to build a complete self-sufficient state-of-the-art Cannabis facility to meet all of the Health Canada requirements to become a Licensed Producer (LP) and to be able to get our Sales Licence. In order to do this, we will need to grow, package, and store products for sales.


IMC undertook a design/build for a facility, with  20,000 sq. ft. on two floors integrated with environmental controls for heat, humidity, carbon dioxide, water, fertilizer,  and air circulation. In addition system processing is modeled with displays to provide interconnection of the growing area (cloning, mother room, veg room) to the processing (drying)  to the storage to shipping/receiving (waste destruction)- while maintaining a secure facility (both from the intrusion of people as well as pests).

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