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Residential & Kitchens

Homes and specialized kitchens built across Alberta and British Columbia



Blake Point

“As special environmental conditions applied for construction around the Shuswap lake, a construction plan was needed that would add the required new space staying in compliance with BC regulations.



IMC worked with the homeowners to develop a unique layout and design that provided the additional space and maintained the setbacks needed. The design included special steel beams, three-way sloping roof, special fire-resistant siding, heat resistant glazings and many more improvements to the family’s lakeside retreat.”


Instead of:

Plans avoided encroaching on a nearby creekbed resulting in angled walls to create an unusual high-ceilinged indoor great room, spanned with a steel beam atop steel columns, to support a second floor set of bedrooms with a similar angled wall. IMC replaced the flammable cedar siding with Hardie board and new window fittings that are heat resistant. The roof of the entire house was completed using fire-proof steel shingling.  


108 SW Calgary

This home was renovated to upgrade the interior and to make the house elder-friendly.  Divider walls were removed and wiring redone, with modern lighting installed, and the kitchen expanded by eliminating a hallway. “Stumbling” steps were removed to create a safer floor and a deck area was converted to a music room with two lifts allowing access to multi-floor living.  


IMC met with the owner in their kitchen and reimagined the space to help make their dreams reality. We build new, we renovate, and accommodate. Challenges and limitations often present opportunities for unique designs: this is the beauty of the design-build process.

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